• PalmEraMia Issue 2 - The Notorious Comuna 13 in Medellin

    Within our suburbs there is a hidden gem called La Comuna Trece (13). It’s an area that used to be known as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Medellin during the 80s and 90s. However, since the mid 2000s there has been a transformation that has allowed the community to show its true colors... View Post
  • Check Out Palmera Mia in British GQ

    Our snapback was recently featured in the Style File section of British GQ's April Edition!   View Post
  • Caracol 1260- El Show Del Gato: Los Héroes Locales "PalmeraMia"

    EL SHOW DEL GATO | FEBRERO 16 DE 2017 Escucha aquí: En El Show Del Gato compartimos con los fundadores de "PalmeraMia," una tienda de ropa online, la cual dona ... View Post