The Importance Of Staying Motivated - From A Streetwear Brand With A Charitable Mindset

Running a business can be a very satisfying endeavor. Watching something you created from scratch become successful in this competitive world is a thrilling experience. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs burn out or lose motivation before they reach this stage in their business. PalmEraMia has become a successful streetwear brand and its owners know how important motivation is for success. Without motivation goals will become very difficult to achieve. Here’s a look at some tips the PalmEraMia team has to stay motivated based on their experiences:


  1. Overcoming The Fear Of Failure

Fear is one of the biggest challenges that hold people back. The thought of potential failure can cripple an entrepreneur and make them question every decision they make. Failure and mistakes are part of the entrepreneurial world. You will very likely face both because entrepreneurship is a constant learning experience, and not an exact science . These moments of failure will make or break you. The difference lies on whether you used these moments to learn and improve, or to give up and make more mistakes. Not if, but when failure crosses your path, learn from the experience and move on  wiser than you ever were.


  1. Embracing Your Motivation And Taking The First Step

Think of why you want to start a business. Think about how much your life will change for the better if you succeed. This can help you muster up the courage to take the first few steps towards building a business. It is important to find the right motivation at this point and continue feeding it constantly; it will help you keep growing. A great tool is to find mentors that help you stay aligned with your values and goals, as they will help you when you are stuck or feel like giving up.



  1. Making A Plan & Executing

Plans, goals, targets, and milestones create a reward system that keeps you motivated. Every time you hit a target, you experience a surge of happiness and that motivates you. The mind feeds off of that, and your subconscious will want to feel that again. Plans and targets can also help keep the business on the right track and ensure you use your resources effectively.



  1. Doing Something Positive In The World Once You’ve Done Well

This is another type of reward system and it can help you do something good with your success. If your business takes off and you reach a position of financial comfort, take the time to pay it forward. Helping others improve their lives is one the greatest joys you can experience in your life. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as being able to make someone else happy and acting upon it.

This is one of PalmEraMia’s long term motivations. The company’s accompanying cause to help communities without access to clean water around the world has brought countless smiles to those receiving the help , as well as those of us providing it. The way we see it, the more successful your business is, the more people you can afford to help.

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