What Is Blue Missions?

BLUE Missions is a non-profit organization that helps rural communities in Latin America obtain access to clean water as well as adequate sanitation. These two aspects have a significant impact on various facets of people's’ lives and BLUE Missions has been established to have a positive impact.

While doing this, the organization aims to cultivate an entire generation of global citizens via service-driven travel. They launch water & sanitation projects that go a long way in transforming the overall quality and health of these rural, Latin American communities. The different facets they focus on include:


  1. Health

663M people don’t have any access to a potable and clean water source. Each day, approximately 1,000 people die from various diarrheal diseases, such as completely preventable diseases like cholera. They also educate the communities that we work in, about important, standard WASH practices.


  1. Women

Adequate sanitation and access to clean water helps create more free time for women, whom are usually in charge of water collection in most communities along with their children. They no longer need to bear the responsibility of gathering water for their families. When they have more free time, they’re able to pursue various new trades, which, if done in a consistent manner can ultimately transform into a second income.

  1. Children

Every 90 seconds, somewhere in the world, a child passes away from a water-related illness. No access to clean, potable water causes chronic malnutrition which is seen in 160M children throughout the world. A healthier future depends on access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation.


  1. Education

When children aren’t required to walk long distances to collect water every day for their families, they are able to attend school regularly. This helps ensure they get the education they need in order to build a better life for themselves.

Creating A Strong Foundation With The Aqueduct Project  

BLUE Missions is focused on the water aspect because it is the foundation of communities. Without clean, drinkable water, families wouldn’t be easily able to meet various basic needs. They have to walk hours just to collect some water, which often times, isn’t clean enough or safe enough to drink. The construction of gravity-driven aqueducts in rural communities is a huge step BLUE Missions is taking to break the poverty trap, even as they bring health, opportunities, and empowerment to the locals in various remote areas in Latin America.

In order to make sure that the clean water continues to flow well after construction of the aqueducts, BLUE Missions invests in forming very strong Water Communities in every area they work in. The local leaders are trained to support their community for further construction projects and to maintain healthy water systems.



Well-Planned Sanitation Systems

These meticulously planned sanitation projects involve the construction of specially-designed VIP latrines for between 16 to 20 families in dire need of better sanitation facilities. When the communities have sanitary, private and safe bathrooms, it helps improve the public health standard. In addition, it helps enhance the overall standard of living for impoverished rural families, while protecting the local water sources in the areas.


BLUE Missions is truly making a significant difference to the lives of rural folk in Latin America. PalmEraMia supports organizations like BLUE Missions in helping communities with clean water initiatives. With every PalmEraMia purchase you make, 10% of our profits are donated to help communities without access to clean water.

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