Behind Our Brand Palmeramia

Behind Our Brand Palmeramia

Brands and businesses have the ability to make profit and still help people in need. That has been our firm belief since PalmEraMia was launched. Our love for giving back has guided our company’s success and drawn a wide range of customers to our stores.

Clean Water Initiatives

PalmEraMia is our streetwear clothing brand, which we initiated with a charitable factor in mind. We believe in giving back to people in need, which is why 10% of our profits go to clean water initiatives. We participate in this initiative through NuevaLife and soon through Blue Missions, both who help communities without access to potable water. Lack of clean water can have a big impact on a person’s lifestyle and make them vulnerable to a number of water-borne diseases. Through these initiatives thousands of people have gained access to clean water.

About The Owners

Our brand was founded by three young entrepreneurs: Andres Restrepo, Camilo, and Santiago Jaramillo. Our journey started in 2015, when we were working jobs that taught us a lot but we weren’t as passionate about. It became clear that we needed to redirect our career paths and find something more fulfilling.

The passion to find our true calling led us to create PalmEraMia. We didn’t wait around for inspiration to strike or the stars to align. Our goal was to grab the opportunity with both hands as soon as we felt it was right. Our interest in unique streetwear styles and the desire to create items that we felt were missing from our closets lead us to create our own personalized brand.

History of PalmEraMia

The ideas came quickly, but the execution was challenging. Entrepreneurship is never a smooth road and we struggled to build up our brand from scratch. We learned from our mistakes, made adjustment to our plans, worked hard, and never gave up.

Slowly, PalmEraMia started to grow and attract attention. Our focus on charity only helped our business, drawing customers who wanted to contribute towards something good. We expanded from clothing to accessories and started to establish a good brand presence. Latino celebrities like Nicky Jam, Ozuna, Maluma, J Balvin, etc, started to support our brand.

All of this led us to our current level of success. Our commitment to customer service did the rest, allowing us to develop a great customer base. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with something we love on a daily basis that also gives back to the community.

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