PalmEraMia Issue 1 - The Streetwear Brand with a Charitable Mindset

PalmEraMia Issue 1 - The Streetwear Brand with a Charitable Mindset

PalmEraMia [pahm er-uh mee-uh]

     Founded by three young entrepreneurs with a desire to craft a quality look, while making a difference in the world PalmEraMia has come alive.

     The idea of PalmEraMia was born on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of April 2015 while sitting in Camilo’s and Santiago’s living room. The dreams of having a clothing brand of their own had been on their mind for a while, which lead them to coming up with a logo and a name. The idea of going through with it floated around in their head for a while as it all seemed pretty cool, but the execution portion presented challenges they weren’t sure how to approach. Knowing that Andres would be in town for the weekend they presented him the idea to get some feedback on how he saw it.

     After taking a good look at what the guys had come up with Andres’ eyes lit up with excitement as he began to visualize how far this great idea could go. That afternoon turned into a brain storming session that would pave the path for what PalmEraMia has become.

     From early on we set our sights on creating pieces that we felt would have a sense of added value for our customers. We wanted a look that spoke for itself, comfortable enough that you couldn’t wait to wear, and one that inspired pride because of what it represented.

     These ideas lead us to our design concept of basing our brand around Simple Elegance, which represented a casual look with a sense of style. This concept came about from a combination of the guys’ sense of style and their background in different service industry companies like Vans, Kipling, Brooks Brothers, Marriott, and The Ritz-Carlton.

     The team then went on to find ways to make their garments exactly how they wanted them and in a way in which they could keep a close eye on the quality of the items being produced. As we have learned, this is a constant process of trial and error which we continue to learn from every time we want to come up with something new. During our first couple of collections we were fortunate enough to have a few people around that gave us some guidance as we figured out how to bring the brand to life.

     By far the best decision we have made thus far has been deciding to help those who are less fortunate. The fact that our support is a percentage of how well we do is a constant reminder that our efforts and our success have double the reward, because the better we do, the more we are able to help others.

     Up to this point we have made monetary donations that have helped multiple water projects. However, in an effort to become more directly involved in these projects we are contributing to, we have partnered with NuevaLife. With the help of donors and volunteers NuevaLife helps communities to improve their life through better education, health, food, and shelter conditions.

     On November 18, 2017 we embark on a journey of enrichment to spend our Thanksgiving week in the most representative way possible; by being grateful through helping those who need it most. The PalmEraMia Team hopes to bring back some amazing footage of how all of you have helped us make the world a better place. All of you are responsible for saving many lives. We hope that this is just the first of many journeys to come.

Thank you for your support!


Your PalmEraMia Family

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