5 Places With No Access To Clean Water

5 Places With No Access To Clean Water


Access to clean water is a human right and it can transform lives. It is needed for survival and those of us who have free access to clean water take it for granted. But we forget that globally, over a billion people lack access to clean water. They are passing through a genuine water crisis.  Water conflicts between people, states and countries have created tensions and disputes related to utilization, consumption, and control of water.

World Water Day is observed on 22nd of March each year. It aims to focus attention on the importance of water, create awareness about the water crisis, and the need to save water. From among numerous countries across the globe facing a water crisis, let us look at five countries where the dire need for clean and safe drinkable water exists.

1- Cambodia

In Cambodia, a shockingly high 84 percent of the population is deprived of access to clean and safe water. Reliance on rainfall, the lack of appropriate technology & infrastructure, contamination of water, and for drinking water are the factors causing the water crisis in Cambodia.

2-  Afghanistan

An unusually low 13% of the Afghan population gets readily available clean drinking water. While the physical scarcity of water affects some areas, a majority of the population faces the problem of access to safe and clean water. In turn, this has also led to a significant rise in the spread of waterborne diseases. The factors contributing to the water crisis situation in Afghanistan are increased pollution and poor infrastructure to supply water.

3- India

As the second most populous country in the world, India faces the danger of water scarcity.  The industrial growth and urbanization are major contributors to water sources contaminated by sewage and agricultural runoff. Excessive demand for water, mismanaged water resources, climate change, and similar factors are aggravating the water crisis. Unsafe water is creating health hazards to the poorer sections of the Indian population.  While India is the fastest growing economy in the world, safe water to its growing population is a major problem and a great threat to its economic progress.

4- Bangladesh

Both the rural and urban areas of Bangladesh suffer from a water crisis. Water scarcity and lack of safe drinking water have resulted in health problems. For instance, over 100,000 children die due to diarrhea and other waterborne diseases each year. A rapid increase of population in the urban areas is likely to become a flashpoint in the water crisis as the need for clean drinking water increases.

5- Haiti

Haiti has a real water problem. It is a water-stressed country and access to clean water and is a major problem. As per a Water Organization report, half of the country doesn’t have access to clean, potable water. While Haiti is still recovering from the 5.9 magnitude earthquake it experienced in October this year, the challenge of soil erosion, and lack of water treatment facilities are deepening the water crisis.



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